At Southway we recognise the needs of all students and their individual educational requirements centred on their social and emotional background. The aim is to create a positive learning experience for all students regardless of their ability or SEND.

As part of the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust “we recognise the need to provide an inclusive, supportive and positive learning environment. The skill, enthusiasm and supportive attitude of the class teacher is the key to effective learning of all students, in particular those with SEND who need additional, targeted teacher input to meet their individual needs; improve their confidence and self-esteem; and enable them to achieve and maximise their full potential. High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils is the first step in responding to pupils who have SEND. Additional intervention and support cannot compensate for a lack of inclusive ‘quality first’ teaching. Our Trust emphasises ethical school practice underpinned by ‘Every Child Matters’ thereby sustaining a welcoming, effective and inclusive school culture”

How do we identify additional needs?

Southway has a clear approach to identifying and responding to SEND. Our aim is to maintain a structured assessment process on entry to establish a clear profile of our students that ensures early identification and intervention of any SEND that may be impacting on their behaviour or learning. Through our clearly defined assessment programme we are able to identify any additional needs at the earliest possible stage and promptly implement effective provision to improve the long-term outcomes for all our learners. The assessments enable us to build a comprehensive view of our learners covering 3 core elements of them as learners: Attainment, Ability and Attitudes. This provides the tools and insights to enable us to:

  • Know every one of our learners well
  • Tailor teaching and learning approaches accordingly
  • Raise standards and maximise progress
  • Help all our learners realise their full potential

SEND is assessed through a range of methods including: Passport information from dual registered referral school including previous assessment data and reports from external professionals; on-entry assessments in English, Maths, Strength & Difficulty Questionnaires (SDQs) and Emotional Literacy assessment; academic testing and analysis of academic data and progress to identify learners making less than expected progress given their age and individual circumstances despite; a range of SEND targeted assessments to explore areas including reading accuracy; reading comprehension; reading speed; writing accuracy, legibility and writing speed (wpm); cognitive processing (e.g. phonological, auditory or visual processing, or working memory); and more and diagnostic assessments from outside professionals including the Educational Psychologist, Leeds SEN & Inclusion Team (SENIT) and the Speech & Language Therapist.

Ongoing assessment and review towards individual outcomes and targets are conducted with opportunities available to work with the dual registration school, parents and young people to explore personalised outcomes as part of a termly review cycle.

How do we make sure that all students reach their full potential?

Southway has an open friendly environment which nurtures positive social interaction that support all aspects of our students learning and engagement. All our students have access to Quality First Teaching (QFT) and our staff use highly differentiated and personalised learning approaches to actively engage all students. We have a small staff to student ratio and our classrooms are staffed with teacher and intervention support assistant where necessary. This enables our students to take part in range of small group work and one-to-one activities. Where needed students can access specific highly differentiated individualised learning programmes?

Southway has a broad, varied and interactive curriculum offer which has been specially designed to re-engage students in their learning and supports students to build confidence through learning in environments that provide an alternative approach to mainstream learning that has previously not met an individual student’s needs. Our students have access to a range of offsite provision links including The Works, Chevin Construction and the Hunslet Club where students can choose areas such as hospitality, graphics, sports, construction, beauty and music. Our Progression students also have the opportunity to do extended work experience.

We maintain an approach of positive reinforcement with a highly structured rewards system. All students have a rewards credit card which focuses on 4 key areas of achievement – Ready, Safe, Respect and tutor set SMART target. Students can gain positive points that work towards achieving instant ‘lucky dip’ rewards, ‘Student of the Week’ recognition, reward trips and the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities such as motor biking or evening activities.

How are parents/carers involved with Southway?

Southway actively engages and involves parents/carers in the provision of their child and this is an integral part of ensuring the work we do with our students is effective. Parents/carers receive weekly phone calls and texts to update them on their child’s progress and relay any problems encountered within the school environment. Termly reviews are held with parents/carers, dual registered school as well as any other outside agencies to show progress of students or to further highlight any problems. We offer intensive parental support from our Multi Agency Team where needed who work alongside outside support agencies and professionals.

How accessible is the school setting?

Southway is in a new building and has been built to accommodate all abilities. There is ramp access to the main entrance of the building and wide, double doors for easy access. The Intervention Department is in a large, open space which is self-contained with its own toilet facilities and kitchen area. The Progress Department is split over two floors with access to a lift and Evac chair. There is a disabled toilet on the ground floor.

How do we support with the different areas of SEND?

Southway has an integrated offer of Wave 2 & 3 support threaded throughout the centre-wide approach to meeting our students additional needs including a reflective practice embedded into our behaviour policy, the use of restorative practice with learning approaches that are highly personalised to individual needs. Information and support strategies are available on the SEND Register and within individual Learner Profiles for all staff to access and use to inform Wave 1 Inclusive Quality First Teaching. One to one support in and around school is available at all times and to all students where needed. In the Intervention Department a range of SEMH and C&I focussed activities are structured into the timetable as part of the Resilience curriculum and activities linked to developing missing literacy and numeracy skills are accessed by all to support C&L needs. Where needed, referrals to outside professionals for additional support, observation and assessment to inform recommendations for internal strategies or support programmes. This includes Educational Psychologists, Leeds SEN & Inclusion Team (SENIT) and Speech & Language Therapists.

Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH)

Southway offers intensive support for students whose primary need is Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH). As such the most prominent support offer is centred on this areas of need with intensive pastoral support from Form Tutors, Teachers, Intervention Support Workers and our Multi-Agency Team. The support offer is highly personalised for every student…. Experienced and qualified staff giving one to one and small group support such as Social Stories; Targeted Emotional Literacy assessments, intervention programmes; and programmes to help with a range of issues for example self-esteem. Access to a broad range of external support agencies including counselling, CAHMS, TAHMS, Willows, Platform etc. Educational psychologist referrals for additional support, observation and assessment to inform recommendations for internal strategies.

Cognitive & Learning (C&L)

Support for any students with identified Moderate Learning Difficulties, (MLD), Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), and Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) included targeted 1 to 1 support including Active Literacy Kit (ALK), an assessment and intervention programme originally developed for SpLD/dyslexic learners but can also be used for learners with more general literacy difficulties; and programmes that are carefully tailored to their needs to support cognitive development needs e.g. working memory. Quality of teaching and learning is well monitored by highly experienced leaders and the SENCO to ensure that it actively meets individual needs. Access Arrangements and exam support for those that qualify. In class support from the ISW’s.

Communication & Interaction

Students take part in daily social interactive group work which develop social skills in areas such as sharing, turn taking, etc. Experienced and trained staff provide one to one and small group support on specialist programmes including understanding spoken language, expressive language, limited verbal reasoning, pragmatics and social skills etc. Further targeted intervention is available through mentoring to support social communication development.

Physical & Sensory

When required accessibility plans and individual risk assessments are produced to outline details of support for this area of need including movement around school and positive handling. If needed input and advice is sought from Physio Therapy and Occupation Health professionals to explore ways that fine and gross motor skills can be developed.

How do we support literacy and numeracy?

As Southway is already a Wave 3 inclusive setting student’s poor literacy and numeracy abilities are assessed on-entry. Support for these areas is integrated into the curriculum through discreet teaching strategies and whole centre literacy and numeracy focuses. When needed bespoke literacy and numeracy support is put in place including the use of Active Literacy Kit.

How do we support our students’ overall well-being?

Southway offers a supportive, friendly and welcoming environment where student well-being is at the forefront of all aspects of the centre. Recognition to ensuring basic needs are met is factored in to the day with a breakfast club to provide a healthy start to the school day. We provide a holistic and nurturing approach within a safe place and with a key focus towards building relationships to ensure open communication between all staff and parents/carers to support well-being both in and outside of centre. We have a highly skilled Multi-Agency Team that can support early access to external support agencies when needed including Cluster support, School Nurse CAHMS etc. We have a Safer Schools Officer based fulltime onsite. All staff are safeguarding trained.

How do we support students in activities outside the centre?

We provide a range of offsite provision, educational trips, a residential trip and reward activities. For these extra staff are deployed to meet the requirements of our risk assessments with high adult to student ratio and 1 to 1 support for those that need it. Parent/carers are consulted prior to trips for permission, advice and guidance.

Our SEND provision key contacts are:

Executive Headteacher – Mr Andy Goulty

Head of Centre – Mrs Kelly Newby

Governors with Responsibility for SEND  – Melissa Peacock

Director of SEND, the Rodillian Multi-Academy Trust – Sayward Morley

To discuss SEND further please contact:

Our SENCO – Mr Robert McDowall 07757139793

OR our admin – 0113 336 7772