School Calendar

School calendar academic year 2019-2020

Monday 26th & 27th August will be a Training Day.

Progression students will start their academic year on Thursday 29th August.

Intervention students will start their academic year on Friday 30th August.

Term dates / 2017 – 2018

Please Note: Although the academy re-opens on the 4th September 2017, the 4th September will be a teacher training day.

Holiday School Closes School Opens
Summer Tuesday 27th August 2019
October Half Term Friday 18th October 2019 Monday 4th November 2019
Christmas Friday 20th December 2019 Monday 6th January 2020
February Half Term Friday 14th February 2020 Monday 24th February 2020
Easter Holiday Friday 3rd April 2020 Monday 20th April 2020
May Bank Holiday Thursday 7th May 2020 Monday 11th May 2020
May Bank Holiday Friday 22nd May 2020 Tuesday 26th May 2020
Summer Half Term Friday 12th June 2020 Monday 22nd June 2020
Summer Wednesday 15th July 2020

GCSE Exams will be taking place during the Summer mid-term holiday.

Below are the scheduled Training Days:

Training Days for 2019/20

27th August 2019

29th November 2019

22nd June 2020

16th July 2020

17th July 2020

20th July 2020

Absence Requests

If your child requires time away from Southway, please fill in the form below and return it to us.

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