Over the years, at Southway, and more recently New Way, we have developed our curriculum using an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our students. We constantly review our curriculum offer to provide and promote a renewed interest in education, with a focus on the next steps, which for some, could be a re-integration back into mainstream, or a move to a post-16 provision.

We focus on our students personal development, helping them to resolve any underlying issues that might have resulted in a failed placement in their registered school. Furthermore, we aim to develop the students academically, helping them to succeed, and potentially returning back to a  mainstream setting without any huge gaps in their learning.

Our Curriculum offer enables a seamless progression through the three provisions, or parts of Southway (Intervention, New Way & Progression). As all area follow a similar curriculum pathway/structure. We strive to mirror the curriculum of a Mainstream school where possible, so that students are not hindered when moving back to a mainstream setting, or if they are moving onwards to a post-16 provision.

Core Subjects
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Biology
  • Religious Studies
  • Equality & Diversity
Alternative Subjects
  • Animal Care
  • Event operations
  • Music Technology

  • Food & Cookery
  • Craft / Graphics

  • Art & Design
  • Child Development & Care
  • Health & Fitness