Our students follow a statutory 25 hours per week timetable, which can be extended due to our 2:25pm finish.

Following our assessment points for KS4 students, where identified, they attend twilight sessions to focus on areas requiring improvement in one to one sessions.

Furthermore, the students are able, and are encouraged, to attend some of the extra-curricular programs that are available between the end of the school day and the close of the centre at 9:00pm. These range from music and art workshops to a variety of sporting activities.

Progression Department

In our KS4 Progression Department, we offer our students the unique chance to design their own innovative and personalised programme of study, incorporating both academic and vocational subjects.

English Language
English Literature
Science (Biology)
Religious Studies
Animal Care
Child Development
Art & Design
Music Technology
Health & Fitness
Event Operations

Intervention Department

In our KS3 Intervention Department, we deliver a holistic curriculum that focuses on re-enthusing students to recognise that learning is fun.

Whilst there is still a key focus on ensuring that students are literate, numerate, able to communicate and are ready to learn, through our ‘Enrichment Curriculum’, they are able to experience a range of activities to develop and stimulate their learning, building their confidence and independence.

Enrichment activities include – swimming, ice skating, orienteering, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, and horticulture.

We also work closely with the Yorkshire Army Cadet Force, who provide access for students to attend an outreach adventure weekend, and with local businesses who provide an insight into the world of work.