At Southway and New Way, we are very much aware of the relationship between attendance and academic performance. We expect students to be in school / form at 08:45am.

Our Attendance Process

  • If your child is going to be absent, you must phone our attendance number by 9.30am.
  • Failure to inform us, will result in a phone call and / or a text from our attendance officer.
  • You may be visited at home by a MAT worker to see if any support is needed for pupils who are absent for a considerable period of time.

What could happen if your child’s attendance is poor?

  • If your child’s attendance is consistently below the expected level, you will receive a letter from your child’s registered school, raising our concerns.
  • If your child’s attendance continues to lower further, you may be required to attend an attendance meeting regarding our concerns.
  • Following the meeting, your child will be internally monitored for 4 weeks. During which time we would expect to see an improvement in attendance.
  • If the attendance does not improve after this 4 week period, Southway and your child’s registered school, could pass the case to the authorities for a possible prosecution.